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Homelessness is more than just a question of where you’re going to sleep at night. It’s about also being “Off the radar” in terms of health, safety and financial support. And whilst a number of national charities work tirelessly to provide shelter for people sleeping rough, sometimes it’s down to local people to help too.

Nottingham has over 250 people sleeping on the streets every night. What we do is simple, once a week we provide good quality, nutritional food and a friendly face. We are committed to keeping it local, keeping it effective and keeping it genuine.

Our Ethos

To enable “Our Family” to have access to the basic needs that we take for granted everyday. Simple things like food, water, shower or a towel, a place to sleep and clean clothing. All our volunteers including myself, are not paid for what we do, we all give our time and love freely. Every penny that is donated goes directly into everything we provide for “Our Family” every Friday night.

A Few Words From Tracy, Founder Of Tracy's Street Kitchen.

The issue of homelessness within the nation has become even more problematic. The daily struggles, pain and heartbreak of feeling worthless is an unbearable thought – a thought & a feeling that will always be with you if you’ve ever experienced homelessness, whether it be a short or long period of time. The feeling of not belonging is unthinkable, unbearable, which is something those on the “outside” struggle to understand.

Every day as a society see more and more people surviving on the streets. We walk by without care in the world, or do we? Do we walk by but notice, but are we then to scared to do anything because of the rumours and headlines, that constantly we read about or hear from others? The look on a homeless person’s face will never leave me as it was me looking at myself when I was just 14 years of age. Broken, beaten and abused, my life turned upside down carried on a different journey that will live with me and haunt me forever till the day I die. <ahref=”about-us”>Please read more……..

We Need Your Help

Your Time

We are always looking for volunteers to help out on Friday evenings – a regular commitment is all we ask for.

Whether it’s preparing the food beforehand or distributing it to the rough sleepers, a couple of hours can make the world of difference.

Your Talents

Are you a fabulous kitchen diva who can make ordinary food look and taste extra special? Or are you able to offer a few hours of admin support each week to help our office out?

Maybe you are a corporate mover and shaker who knows how to open doors for us with organisations that could provide us with food? Let us know what you excel at – and how you can help.

Your Treasure


Money talks. We can buy food, drinks and other essential items that are distributed directly to those who need them most. With no paid staff at the organisation, you can be assured that your donation will be highly effective.

Consider a small monthly donation which allows for regular, predictable planning by us – or maybe nominate us as your chosen organisation to celebrate a special occasion.

Find Us On Friday's

We can be found every Friday evening between 6:00 pm till 9:30 pm at Trinity Square Nottingham.

Tracy’s street kitchen is committed to keeping it local, keeping it effective and keeping it genuine.

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